BlueStar oven won't heat up

A BlueStar oven is renowned for its commercial-level cooking abilities, but these are hard to appreciate if it won’t get hot enough. Why is my BlueStar oven not heating up? Failure to sufficiently preheat it could lead to longer cooking times. Use these BlueStar oven troubleshooting tips when it’s not heating up like it should.

Why Is My BlueStar Oven
Not Heating Correctly?

A lack of sufficient gas and electrical power or a part malfunction can also result in a BlueStar oven not heating properly. Here’s how to determine the source of heating problems and the right solution.

No Incoming Power To Oven

If your BlueStar oven won’t heat up at all, first make sure it’s receiving electrical power. Even gas ovens require electricity to power the igniter and other functions.

Here’s how to assess the oven for incoming power:

  • Check the electrical cord: Make sure the cord is free of damage and properly plugged into the outlet.
  • Make sure the outlet provides adequate voltage: While gas ovens use a standard 120V outlet, electric models require an outlet that provides 240V of electricity. Make sure your oven is plugged into the right outlet and that it’s functioning properly.
  • Look for tripped breakers: Check your home’s circuit breaker box and reset any tripped breakers. Gas ovens usually have a standard breaker or are tied into a common kitchen breaker, while electric ovens require a larger, double-pole breaker.

Oven Isn’t Preheating Enough

Without sufficient preheating, the oven won’t get hot enough to cook food properly . Always allow the oven at least 10 minutes to reach its set temperature. During preheating, the blue oven indicator light will illuminate. You know that the set temperature has been reached when the indicator light turns off.

While the oven is preheating and cooking, it’s essential to keep the door closed. This ensures that heated air stays inside, reducing preheating and cooking times. If BlueStar oven temperature problems persist, check the door seal for holes or tears that could allow hot air to escape. A damaged door seal should be replaced.

Oven Gas Supply Issue

Is your gas model BlueStar oven not heating up at all? A gas supply issue could be responsible. If the oven fails to heat up and your gas range burner doesn’t produce a flame, there may be a supply issue.

 Make sure your home’s main gas valve is in the on position. If the oven was recently repaired or installed, check the valve on its supply pipe to make sure it was turned back on. If the valves are on and you still suspect a gas issue, contact a plumber to assess your gas supply.

BlueStar oven not heating
Image Courtesy of BlueStar

Blue Star Oven Igniter Failure

Gas ovens also won’t heat up if the igniter has failed. The igniter lights the gas by drawing up enough electrical current to open the oven’s gas valve and produce a spark. If the igniter can’t draw up sufficient current or produce a spark, the gas won’t light and the oven won’t heat up at all.

How do you know if the igniter has failed? Observe it after turning on the oven. When the igniter fails to open the valve or spark the gas within 90 seconds, it’s likely malfunctioned. If multimeter testing confirms a malfunction with a lack of continuity, the BlueStar oven igniter must be replaced.

Defective Oven Convection Fan

Both gas and electric model convection ovens use a fan to circulate the heated air. This results in faster cook times, increased browning and more even cooking. If the fan fails, you may find your BlueStar oven not heating correctly, with longer cooking times and uneven browning. 

Additional signs of a defective oven convection fan include:

  • Difficulty turning oven fan blades by hand
  • Fan motor is noisy while operating
  • Fan motor fails multimeter testing with a lack of continuity

A defective oven convection fan should be replaced by a professional oven repair service.

When BlueStar oven heating problems persist, the team at Twin Appliances can help. Schedule your expert range or oven repair today!

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