bosch fridge leaks water

A leaking refrigerator creates a big mess but finding the source can quickly solve the problem. Why is my Bosch refrigerator leaking water? A broken or improperly fitting water filter is often responsible. Determine why a Bosch fridge leaks water with these common causes.

5 Reasons For a Bosch Refrigerator Leaking Water

Finding where a refrigerator leak originates can feel like solving a mystery. To streamline your troubleshooting, we’ve narrowed down the most common reasons for a Bosch refrigerator leaking water and the right solutions.

Damaged Door Seal

The rubber seal around the refrigerator’s doors forms an airtight closure, keeping cold air contained and preventing warm air from entering. If the seal rips, tears, or loosens, the doors won’t close properly and condensation develops as cold air escapes and warm air enters. This condensation eventually builds up, resulting in a Bosch refrigerator leaking water from the doors.

bosch refrigerator leaking water

Inspect the door seal for signs of damage. To determine if the seal is too loose, place a dollar bill between it and the refrigerator door and close the door. If the bill can be easily removed, the seal is too loose. A loose or damaged door seal must be replaced.

Ice Buildup Inside Refrigerator

Why is my fridge leaking water inside? This common problem can occur if the refrigerator doors are left open for too long. The resulting temperature change and increased humidity make the refrigerator work harder to keep cold, causing ice to build up inside. Once it begins to melt, leaks can occur in the refrigerator’s interior.

Where is the defrost drain on a Bosch fridge freezer

The fastest way to eliminate this messy leak is to allow the refrigerator to completely defrost. However, to prevent the problem from recurring, make sure the doors close properly and always ensure they’re closed after use.

Refrigerator Leaking From Water Filter

Water filter issues are another likely cause for interior refrigerator leaks.. 

One of these common causes can result in a Bosch refrigerator water filter leaking:

  • Damaged filter head: If the filter head’s seal is torn, cracked or missing the filter should be replaced.
  • Filter housing is cracked: A crack in the filter housing causes the filter to fit improperly and requires a professional repair.
  • Improper installation: A filter that’s incorrectly installed can be too loose or fit improperly, causing leaks. Refer to your Bosch user manual to make sure that the filter is correctly installed.

Defective Water Inlet Valve

If you find your Bosch refrigerator leaking water underneath, it could be due to a defective water inlet valve. This valve opens and closes to let water flow from your home supply to the refrigerator. If the valve is loose or cracked, it will leak as water flows through the supply line.

To inspect the valve, turn off the refrigerator’s water supply, move it away from the wall and remove its rear panel. While a loose valve may be more tightly secured to stop the leak, a cracked valve must be professionally replaced.

Defrost Drain Blocked or Clogged

A refrigerator’s defrost drain transports excess water from the defrost system to the drain pan below, where it eventually defrosts. Sometimes, lingering droplets of water inside the drain can freeze, creating blockages. Debris around the drain hole can also cause clogs that prevent water from flowing, causing leaks in the refrigerator or underneath.

Unclogging the drain and removing any surrounding blockages should resolve the leak. Where is the defrost drain on a Bosch fridge freezer? Most drain holes are located in the back of the refrigerator, near the bottom. It may be necessary to remove the produce drawers to access the drain. Once accessed, flush the drain with hot water to melt any ice blockages. Use a soft cloth or moistened q-tip to remove any debris around the drain hole.

A professional refrigerator repair service can stop leaks at the source with an expert repair. Schedule your service with Twin Appliances today!

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