How to Clean a Wolf Oven Properly

how to clean black porcelain wolf oven

A Wolf oven’s quality construction renders almost any maintenance unnecessary. However, a proper cleaning can keep it looking its best and enhance its superior performance. How do you clean a Wolf oven? The right methods vary by oven type. Learn how to clean a Wolf oven with simple steps for each type.  How to Clean […]

BlueStar Oven Not Heating Up? Here’s What to Check

BlueStar oven won't heat up

A BlueStar oven is renowned for its commercial-level cooking abilities, but these are hard to appreciate if it won’t get hot enough. Why is my BlueStar oven not heating up? Failure to sufficiently preheat it could lead to longer cooking times. Use these BlueStar oven troubleshooting tips when it’s not heating up like it should. […]

Why Is My Wolf Range Burner Clicking When Off?

wolf range burner clicking

While a clicking sound is normal when turning on a gas burner, clicking that continues after it’s off can indicate a problem. Why is my Wolf range burner clicking when it’s not on? Lingering moisture can cause clicking until it dries or evaporates. These common reasons explain why your Wolf stove igniter keeps clicking when […]

Is Your Lacanche Range Not Lighting? Follow These Tips

lacanche stove burner not working

A Lacanche range is world-renowned for its superior performance and sleek, modern appearance. However, even this high-quality product can experience the problems of other gas ranges when its burners won’t ignite. Why is my Lacanche range not lighting? A buildup of debris could be compromising the igniter or blocking the burner ports. Learn more reasons […]

Electric Oven Doesn’t Bake Evenly: Troubleshooting Tips

electric oven bakes unevenly

When food comes out of your oven undercooked on one side but burnt on the other, it’s usually a sign of uneven baking. What can you do when your oven cooks unevenly? Check the bake element for signs of damage. If there are holes, blisters or an inconsistent glow, the bake element should be replaced. […]