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While Sub-Zero refrigerators offer superior cooling technology, they still benefit from common refrigerator maintenance tips, specifically regular coil cleanings.  How do you clean coils on Sub-Zero refrigerator models? Vacuuming them with a soft bristle brush attachment removes harmful dirt and debris. Learn how to clean Sub-Zero condenser coils in 3 simple steps to properly maintain your refrigerator.

Clean Coils on Sub-Zero Refrigerator Models: A Step-by-Step Guide

Knowing how to clean the coils on a Sub-Zero refrigerator is a quick and easy process but can ensure your refrigerator runs smoothly. Before we detail the cleaning process, here’s why maintaining condenser coils is so important.

The Importance of Cleaning Condenser Coils

Refrigerator condenser coils help cool the refrigerant that produces cool air for the refrigerator. If the coils become coated in dust and dirt, they may not be able to cool it sufficiently. 

The following problems can occur when refrigerator condenser coils are dirty:

  • Trouble maintaining temperature: The internal temperature may rise, risking food spoilage.
  • Overworked condenser: The condenser has to work harder to cool the refrigerant, risking breakdown or malfunction.
  • Higher utility costs: A refrigerator that’s working harder uses more electricity, increasing utility bills

It’s recommended that you clean the coils on your refrigerator every 6-12 months or more frequently if you have pets in the house. On some models, a “Service,” or “Vacuum Condenser” message will appear on the control panel when a cleaning is necessary.

Step 1: Remove Grille

Before beginning a Sub-Zero coil cleaning, power down the refrigerator at the control panel. It’s also recommended that you wear gloves to prevent contact with any sharp objects around the condenser.

On most Sub-Zero refrigerator models the condenser is located behind the upper grille. To access the condenser, pull the grille forward at both bottom ends and tilt it forward. This will raise the grille so the condenser is visible. On some refrigerators, the water filter may be located next to the condenser and should be removed for better access.

clean coils on sub zero refrigerator
Photo Credit: Sub-Zero

Step 2: Clean Dust and Debris

Clean Sub-Zero refrigerator coils using your vacuum’s soft bristle brush attachment. Vacuum the condenser coils in a vertical motion, up and down, to avoid bending the condenser fins. If there are dust and debris that the brush attachment can’t reach, use a small, soft paintbrush or a can of compressed air to remove it. 

If you had to remove your Sub-Zero water filter to access the coils, be sure to replace it after cleaning.

clean sub-zero refrigerator coils
Photo Credit: Sub-Zero

Step 3: Reinstall Grille

The last step in how to clean Sub-Zero refrigerator coils is reinstalling the grille. Simply grasp the grille on either side and pull down to secure it in place. Press the “Power” button on the control panel to restore power to the unit.

Was your refrigerator struggling to maintain its temperature before the coils were cleaned? It can take up to 24 hours for it to reach the proper temperature after a coil cleaning.

If you’re still experiencing temperature issues after you clean coils on Sub-Zero refrigerator, it’s possible a malfunction occurred. Call the experts at Twin Appliances for a fast and professional assessment to solve the problem!

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