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A Lacanche range is world-renowned for its superior performance and sleek, modern appearance. However, even this high-quality product can experience the problems of other gas ranges when its burners won’t ignite. Why is my Lacanche range not lighting? A buildup of debris could be compromising the igniter or blocking the burner ports. Learn more reasons for a Lacanche stove not igniting and how to solve the problem.

Troubleshooting a Lacanche Range Not Lighting

In most cases, a Lacanche range not lighting can be resolved with a simple adjustment, maintenance or a DIY fix. The following tips detail what to do for the most common lighting problems.

Check for Power to the Range

Before assessing your range for malfunctions, Lacanche range troubleshooting begins with evaluating its electrical power. Even though it’s a gas-powered range, the igniter still requires electricity to light the burner.

Here’s how to check for power to the range:

  • Make sure it’s plugged in properly: Ensure that the range is plugged into a working outlet and that neither the cord or outlet are damaged. 
  • Check the circuit breaker: Look for tripped breakers in your home’s circuit breaker box, repositioning any if necessary.
  • Avoid using extension cords: These cords can’t safely provide the level of power the range requires.
lacanche range not lighting

Thermocouple Not Heated

Unique to the brand, each Lacanche range burner has a thermocouple. This mechanical flame sensor is a safety feature that senses a flame at the burner. Once it does, it holds open the valve that allows gas to flow. If the thermocouple no longer senses a flame, the gas valve immediately closes, preventing gas from flowing when the burner isn’t lit.

For the burner to stay lit, the flame must adequately heat up the thermocouple’s sensor. If you find your Lacanche stove burner not working, make sure you’re holding the knob in the ignition position for 10-20 seconds. This is necessary to adequately heat the thermocouple so the gas valve remains open.

How to Clean Lacanche Burners

Spills, grease and debris can block burner ports or prevent the igniter from lighting the burner. Regularly removing and cleaning the burner components, as recommended in your Lacanche range manual, can prevent clogs that cause lighting issues.

Here’s how to clean each Lacanche burner component:

Burner Bowls:

  • Scrub gently with a sponge and warm soap and water.
  • For tougher stains, scrub with a nylon bristle brush and Bon-Ami powder cleanser.

Brass Burner Caps:

  • Gently scrub with a nylon bristle brush and warm soap and water.
  • To remove heavier, baked-on debris, soak the caps in boiling white vinegar for 10-15 seconds. Rinse with cool water and pat dry.
  • Restore the shine of the brass by applying Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish with a clean cloth. Refrain from frequent polishing, as it can affect burner performance.


  • Gently wipe the igniter with a dry, lint-free cloth to remove residue or debris
  • Make sure the igniter is properly aligned with the burner bowl and cap when replacing components. You may need to pull up on the igniter and adjust the height of the nut so that it can light the burner.
lacanche stove not igniting

Faulty Lacanche Range Parts

If you still find your Lacanche range not lighting after these interventions, chances are there is a part malfunction.

These parts could be responsible for burner lighting problems and should be replaced by a Lacanche repair service:

  • Defective igniter: If the igniter weakens or malfunctions, it will click without producing a spark to ignite the burner.
  • Faulty spark module: Provides power to the igniter so it can spark and light the burner. Without power, the igniter won’t spark.
  • Broken spark ignition switch: Sends electricity to the spark module to power the igniter. A lack of electricity won’t enable the above components to light the burner.

The experts at Twin Appliances can help when you need a high end gas range repair. Call us when you find your Lacanche range not lighting or for any luxury brand service.

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