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Speed Queen washers are known for their superior reliability and performance but even these laundry workhorses can develop odor without proper maintenance. Why does my Speed Queen washer smell? Using too much detergent can leave behind a residue that develops mold or mildew. When your Speed Queen washer smells, learn how to eliminate and prevent odor with the right maintenance tips.

Eliminating Odor When Your Speed Queen Washer Smells

Once persistent odor takes hold of your washer, specific cleaning methods and supplies can successfully eliminate the smell. But before we detail how to clean a top and front load washer, it’s important to know why your Speed Queen washer smells.

Why Does My Washing Machine Smell?

There are several possible factors that cause washing machine odor, especially when they’re compounded over time.

Here’s why your Speed Queen washer smells:

  • Lack of maintenance: Washing machines require regular cleanings to remove dirt and detergent residue. Without monthly cleanings, these byproducts can quickly develop smelly mold and mildew in the washer’s warm, moist environment. This is especially true in front-loading machines that use less water and have a rubber door gasket that can trap suds and debris.
  • Wrong detergent: Only HE (high-efficiency) detergent can be used in front load washers. This type of detergent creates fewer suds that are more easily drained with a front loader’s reduced water usage. Using regular detergent in a front load washer leaves behind excess suds that more quickly develop mold and mildew.
  • Too much detergent: Even if you use the right detergent, adding too much can still result in excessive sudsing for both top and front-loading machines. Without regular cleanings, mold and mildew quickly result in odor. Too many suds can even clog the drain hose or drain pump, requiring a professional washing machine repair.

Now that you know what causes washer odor, here’s how to rid your Speed Queen washing machine of bad smells.

why does my speed queen washer smell

How to Clean a Top Load Speed Queen Washer

Cleaning a top load washer focuses primarily on the bleach and fabric softener dispenser and the washer tub. Without regular cleanings, these components can suffer from a buildup of residue that causes odor.

These steps detail how to clean Speed Queen top load washer:

  1. Remove the dispenser from the agitator by pulling it straight up.
  2. Squeeze the bottom of the dispenser housing and pull it out at an angle to access the dispenser cup.
  3. Soak the dispenser housing and cup in hot, soapy water for several minutes.
  4. Rinse and dry all components thoroughly.
  5. Use a small toothbrush to gently scrub away debris inside the agitator.
  6. Replace the dispenser cup and push down on the dispenser housing until it snaps in place.
  7. Wipe down the top 2-3 inches of the washer tub with a soft cloth and all purpose cleaner.

How to Clean a Front Load Speed Queen Washer

Eliminating Speed Queen washer smells from front loading machines involves cleaning the gasket, washer tub, and drain pump filter. 

Here’s how to clean a front load Speed Queen washer:

  1. Open the front door and peel back the rubber gasket so the interior is exposed.
  2. Remove foreign objects and wipe down the gasket with a clean cloth and hot, soapy water or a mildew cleaner.
  3. Sprinkle ⅓ cup of baking soda inside the drum and pour 2 cups of white vinegar in the detergent tray. 
  4. Run a Speed Queen washer sanitize cycle with hot water. 
  5. Empty the drain pump filter. The Speed Queen washer filter location is behind a panel on the bottom front corner of the machine. Once the panel cover is removed, place a towel below the filter cap and slowly unscrew it. Allow all water to drain before removing the filter and rinsing it to remove debris. Replace the filter, and close the panel cover.
Speed Queen Washing Machine

Washer Odor Prevention Tips

Regular maintenance and the right use and care are key in keeping Speed Queen washer smells at bay.

Follow these tips to prevent washer odor:

  • Run a monthly sanitize cycle: In front-loading machines, use baking soda and vinegar or, alternatively, Affresh washing machine cleaner, on a monthly basis to eliminate tub buildup. For top-loaders, clean the dispenser housing and tub every 4-6 weeks.
  • Use the right detergent in the right amounts: For both top and front-loading washers, always mesure detergent accurately and refrain from using too much. Use only HE detergent in front-loading machines.
  • Clean a front load washer’s gasket after every load: Remove foreign objects and debris and wipe it down with hot, soapy water or a multipurpose cleanser.
  • Remove wet clothes promptly: To prevent mildew, remove clothes from both a top-load and front load washer as soon as the wash cycle ends.

If washer odor persists, a professional eye should assess the problem. Contact Twin Appliances for expert Speed Queen washer service!

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