how to turn on Sub-Zero ice maker

One of a Sub-Zero refrigerator’s many amenities is its automatic ice maker. However, this convenience can be subject to issues that halt ice production. Why is my Sub-Zero ice maker not making ice? A freezer temperature that’s too high can prevent ice from freezing. Use these DIY troubleshooting tips when you find your Sub-Zero ice maker not working.

Sub-Zero Ice Maker Not Making Ice? This Could Be Why.

Given the brand’s high-quality reputation, a Sub-Zero ice maker not making ice is usually resolved with a quick fix or basic maintenance. From warm freezer temperatures to dirty condenser coils, these common causes usually have a simple solution.

1. Sub-Zero Ice Maker Isn’t Turned On

Even though the refrigerator is on and operating, the ice maker must be turned on separately to begin producing ice. Wondering how to turn on Sub-Zero ice maker? Press the ICE MAKER button on the control panel. A single or triple ice cube icon should appear on the display, indicating that the ice maker is on. Also, make sure the ice maker shut-off arm is in the down position to begin ice production.

Once the ice maker is turned on, it can take up to 24 hours for cubes to form and accumulate.

2. Freezer Temperature is Too High

If the freezer is too warm, ice cubes will melt or appear smaller or misshapen. Make sure your Sub-Zero freezer temperature setting is between 0-5℉ so it’s cold enough for ice to stay frozen. Depending on your model refrigerator, the temperature can be adjusted via the control panel or dial control. 

For undercounter ice makers, a warm ambient temperature can also limit ice production. Keeping the room at around 70℉ and installing the ice maker out of direct sunlight can ensure ice stays frozen.

3. Dirty Condenser Coils

Is your Sub-Zero refrigerator not cooling or making ice even with the right temperature setting? The condenser coils may need a cleaning. As refrigerant flows through the coils, it dissipates heat to produce cool air. If the coils become dusty and dirty, the refrigerant may not be able to cool sufficiently, raising internal temperatures and limiting ice production.

Here’s how to clean the condenser coils when you find your ice maker not making ice:

  1. Turn off power to the refrigerator.
  2. Raise the upper grille to access the coils. Undercounter ice makers have a lower grille that must be unscrewed to remove.
  3. Vacuum the coils with a soft bristle brush attachment. Gently brush hard-to-reach areas with a small, soft brush.
  4. Replace the grille and restore power to the unit.

4. Sub-Zero Filter Needs Changing

Before reaching the ice maker, water from your home supply flows through the refrigerator’s water filter, removing many common contaminants. Over time, a Sub-Zero water filter can become clogged with these byproducts, blocking water flow to the ice maker and halting ice production.

Changing the water filter every 3-6 months can prevent clogs that restrict water flow. A Sub-Zero ice maker not making ice or producing ice with a bad smell or taste may require more frequent filter changes. Refer to your user manual to determine how to change the filter on your model refrigerator.

5. Ice Maker Is Jammed or Fill Tube is Frozen

A Sub-Zero ice maker freezing up may have ice jams that prevent cubes from accumulating. During ice production, water can freeze on the ice maker’s harvesting components, creating blockages that prevent cubes from falling into the ice bin. Similarly, residual water inside the ice maker’s fill tube can also accumulate and freeze, blocking the flow of water from your home supply.

To melt ice jams or a frozen fill tube, Sub-Zero recommends manually defrosting the freezer. Consult your user manual to determine how to manually defrost the freezer on your model refrigerator. Some units enable the refrigerator to remain operating while the freezer is turned off. If the fill tube continues to freeze, the refrigerator may require a professional Sub-Zero repair

Don’t let a Sub-Zero ice maker not making ice compromise its performance. Contact the professionals at Twin Appliances for expert refrigerator repair service.

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