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Having trouble with an American Range appliance? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Twin Appliances is your local leader for American Range repair Los Angeles can count on for all models and configurations.

Our local technicians have provided American Range repair in Los Angeles and the surrounding region for many years. That means we know how to quickly diagnose any problem and provide a long-lasting repair solution. No matter what’s wrong with your range, oven, stove, or vent hood, we can help.

We also stand behind our work by offering one of the industry’s best warranties of a full 1-year on parts and labor. If the same problem returns within our warranty period, we’ll come back and fix it free of charge. So make the right choice and schedule American Range repair with Twin Appliances.

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Ranges & Ovens

When it comes to professional-grade cooking, you can’t beat American Ranges. Even the best can break though, but fear not! We service all professional and residential ranges and ovens.

We service all ranges & ovens:

Stove Tops & Griddles

A quality cooking surface is needed to prepare the perfect meal. When your stovetop stops working though, you can’t get the job done! Let us provide American Range stove repair in Los Angeles today!

We repair all stoves & hoods:

Specialty Appliances

We service the entire line of professional-grade American Range specialty appliances. Don’t leave yours in the hands of an amateur! Let our experts get your specialty appliance back to work ASAP.

Appliances serviced:

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1-Year Parts & Labor Warranty

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Common American Range Repair Issues

Our expert technicians are familiar with many high-end appliance brands, and American Range is no exception. We have the training, skill, and experience needed to provide the best American Range repair Los Angeles can offer.

Learn more about some of the most common American Range malfunctions we repair below!

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American Range Oven Not Heating Up?​

Nothing can ruin a carefully prepared meal like a defective oven. Some of the most common oven malfunctions we repair include:

Oven Not Getting Power

Even a gas oven needs electricity to ignite and power the convection fan. If your oven isn’t getting hot, it may have gotten unplugged, or your circuit breaker might have tripped.

Oven Ignitor Failure

The ignitor inside your American Range oven is what lights the gas by generating a spark. When the ignitor fails, the gas won’t ignite, and your oven will not heat up inside.

Defective Fan Motor

The oven convection fan circulates hot air across your food while it cooks. If your dishes come out undercooked or unevenly cooked, the convection fan motor may have failed.

Component Failure

There are more components in your American Range oven such as the gas supply valve, control board, and more than can fail and cause heating issues. These need to be diagnosed by an expert.

American Range Stove Burner Not Lighting

There are many potential issues at play when one or more of your American Range burners won’t ignite. The most common include:

Dirty or Clogged Burner

Spills and messes from cooking are bound to happen. This can cause your burners to clog and fail though, so clean them (safely) and try again before calling for repair service.

Ignitor Failure

Much like the oven section, your gas range burners use a spark from the igniter to light the flame for cooking. Let our American Range repair specialists check for igniter issues on your model.

Incoming Power Issue

Without power, your range’s surface burner igniter can generate the spark it needs to light. Make sure that your range is securely plugged in and that your circuit breaker hasn’t tripped.

Burnt or Damaged Wire 

The wiring inside high-end ranges is designed to be shielded from damaging heat, but problems do still occur. Our techs will make sure all of your range’s wiring is in good working order.