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When it comes to professional-grade ranges in a residential setting, Lacanche is always at the top of the list. Unfortunately, even the best high-end cooking appliances can develop problems over time. The good news is that you’ve come to the right place for the best Lacanche range repair Los Angeles has to offer! 

Here at Twin Appliances, we understand that you expect the best Lacanche repair service, and that’s what we offer. Whether your Lacanche range won’t light or you have a Lacanche oven not working properly, we have the skill and experience needed to fix the problem.

To ensure your satisfaction with our service, we offer a full 1-year warranty on our labor and all parts we install. We take pride in standing behind our work, so you can rest easy knowing your range is in good hands. Call us today or schedule service online for the most dependable Lacanche range repair in Los Angeles.

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Lacanche is famous for their high-quality customizable ranges that are made-to-order. Twin appliance repairs all ranges no matter what design or cooktop you choose. 

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Lacanche’s multicooker is aptly named for being able to accomplish many cooking tasks at once. No matter what features you choose for your multicooker, we can service it!

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Twin Appliances provides Lacanche oven repair for all models. You can be confident in knowing that we will take the utmost care with your oven throughout the repair process.

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Common Lacanche Range Repair Problems

If you need Lacanche repair in Los Angeles, your range could be suffering from any number of problems. Here at Twin Appliances, we’re equipped to deal with any issue your Lacanche range may be experiencing.

Our Lacanche range repair technicians have years of hands-on experience that allows them to quickly diagnose and repair any malfunction. Here are some of the most common Lacanche repair problems we repair.

Lacanche Oven Not Heating Up?

Why is my Lacanche oven not getting hot? There are several potential causes if your Lacanche oven won’t heat up. Here are a few of the most common problems:

Defective Ignitor

The gas igniter in your oven draws an electrical current to get hot enough to ignite the gas in the oven’s burner. If your igniter fails, your gas oven will not be able to light and heat properly. 

Faulty Heating Element

Lacanche electric oven elements heat the oven cavity and can be seen glowing red hot when working properly. If an element burns out, your oven will not be able to heat.

No Power to Oven

Electric ovens and even gas ovens need electricity to turn on and start heating. If your model has become unplugged from the wall outlet, is using an extension cord, or the circuit breaker trips, your oven’t won’t heat. 

Burnt Wire Connection

The wires that connect to oven heating elements are vulnerable to burning out because of how close they are to a source of high heat. If the wiring is burned or loosened the oven will not be able to heat up.

Lacanche Stove Burner Won't Light?

Wondering why your Lacanche range burner won’t ignite? When you have a Lacanche stove burner not lighting, it may be caused by one of the following malfunctions:

Defective Spark Module

The spark module supplies the gas burner igniters with the power they need to light properly. If this module is defective it can lead to little or no spark in the surface burners. 

Broken Spark Ignition Switch

When you turn your burners on, the spark ignition switch sends power to the spark module to get the burners lit. If this ignition switch is broken, your gas range burners won’t ignite.

Worn-out Spark Electrode

The spark electrode is what creates the spark needed to ignite the gas surface burners. If an electrode fails, the gas will ignite making it impossible to light the burners. As a result of this, the spark electrode will make a clicking sound but it will not actually light.

Lacanche Range Burners Spark All the Time?

Lacanche range burners won’t stop clicking? If your Lacanche Range burners spark all the time, the issue could stem from any of the following reasons:

Defective Spark Ignition Switch

Your Lacanche range’s spark ignition switch sends power to the burners so that they can effectively ignite the gas. If the spark ignition switch fails, the switch could send continuous volts of electricity to the burners causing them to remain sparked. 

Faulty Spark Ignition Harness

The spark ignition harness holds the switch in place and also facilitates the transmission of electricity to the surface burners. If this harness is defective, it can send constant power to the surface burners preventing them from turning off.

Blown Spark Module

Another issue could stem from a blown spark module. This module controls the power sent to the surface burner’s electrodes. These electrodes are ultimately what catch the flames to light the burner. If the spark module is burned-out, your burners could be getting continuous power. 

Lacanche Oven Fan Won't Turn Off?

If your Lacanche oven fan runs constantly, here are a few common reasons why the fan won’t turn off as it should: 

High Limit Thermostat Failure

The high limit thermostat sends power to your oven’s fan as it heats up. If this thermostat is defective, it could keep sending power to the fan even when you turn the oven off. This may keep the fan running continuously. 

Faulty Thermostat

A faulty thermostat could also be the cause of your oven fan not turning off. Your oven’s thermostat also sends signals to the fan as the temperature changes on the inside. If this part fails, the fan could keep running even when the oven should be off.

Defective Oven Control Board

Your oven control board is what controls and sends electricity to the bake, broil, and fan circuits. If any of the circuit board relays end up shorting out, power could be continually sent to the fan so it doesn’t stop running.

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