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A sudden washer or dryer breakdown can leave you buried under a pile of dirty laundry. Don’t get behind in your routine! Choose the best Speed Queen repair Los Angeles can provide, and schedule service with Twin Appliances today.

Our technicians are the area’s go-to experts for Speed Queen washer and dryer repair in Los Angeles. No other company can match our experience servicing front and top-load washers, as well as gas and electric dryers.

Whether your top-load washer won’t spin or your electric dryer isn’t drying clothes, we can help! Call or schedule your Los Angeles Speed Queen repair online to get your laundry routine back on track.

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Always address a washing machine malfunction right away. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get. If you have a top-load Speed Queen washer not draining water or your front-load washer won’t start at all, contact us ASAP. We service all Speed Queen models and configurations.

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Clothes Dryer Repair

If your Speed Queen dryer takes too long to dry or simply won’t start at all, schedule service right away! Don’t waste time hang-drying clothes and avoid a potential house fire from lint buildup inside your dryer! Contact Twin Appliances for Speed Queen repair Los Angeles can count on.

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Speed Queen Repair Problems We Fix

When you need Speed Queen washer repair or dryer service, don’t leave your machine in the hands of your average handyman. Trust the specially trained and highly experienced professionals at Twin Appliances!

We have provided Speed Queen repair in Los Angeles for many years and can fix any malfunction you’re experiencing. Learn more about some of the most common problems we repair below.

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Speed Queen Washer Not Starting

When your Speed Queen washing machine won’t turn on, it may be due to one of these common issues:

Incoming Power

Start by making sure that your washer is receiving power. Carefully pull it out from the wall and make sure the plug hasn’t come out of the outlet. Also, inspect the power cord for any damage.

Check Door Latch

Your washing machine won’t work if the door is not fully closed and latched shut. Make sure there’s nothing blocking the door from closing fully. If not, the latch may need to be replaced. 

Blown Thermal Fuse

Washing machines use a thermal fuse that will blow and prevent the washer from functioning if the unit overheats. To replace the fuse and identify the cause of overheating, we recommend professional service.

Defective Control Board

When a washer stops working entirely, it may be due to a faulty circuit board. This is the computer that controls your washer’s electronic functions and will need to be diagnosed by an appliance technician. 

Speed Queen Washer Won't Drain Water

Don’t get stuck with a washer full of water! Most washing machine drainage issues are due to:

Drain Hose Problem

The drain hose is the first place to check when your washing machine stops draining water. Make sure it’s not bent, kinked, or otherwise restricted from being able to drain properly.

Lid Switch Failure

This malfunction applies to top-loading models only. If you have a washer stuck full of water, the lid switch may have failed. We recommend professional Speed Queen repair for this issue.

Faulty Drain Pump

Another common cause of drainage issues is the washer drain pump. It can get blocked by pet hair, debris, or fail altogether. A washer drain pump failure will require professional repair service.

Broken Control Board

A washer control board malfunction can prevent the unit from entering the draining portion of the wash cycle. Call Twin Appliances today for a complete diagnosis and estimate to repair the problem.

Speed Queen Dryer Not Heating

If your Speed Queen dryer takes forever to dry or isn’t drying clothes at all, it’s most likely due to:

Defective Heating Element

This is a common problem for electric dryers only. This radiant element is what generates the heat to dry your clothes. Our technician will need to test the heater with a multimeter to determine if it’s failed.

Gas Igniter Failure

For a gas dryer not heating up, a faulty gas igniter is the most common cause. The igniter is what lights the gas used to heat up the dryer and dry clothes. Gas models require safety knowledge to work on, so leave your gas dryer troubleshooting to us!

Tripped Circuit Breaker

Electric dryers require two legs of 120 volts to run (240 volts AC). It’s fairly common for a fuse or breaker to trip so the dryer starts but won’t heat. Check your breaker to see if one’s tripped.

Clogged Dryer Vents

It’s essential to have your dryer exhaust vent cleaned at least once every 6-12 months. Lint buildup inside will reduce heating efficiency and can lead to a dangerous dryer fire.

Speed Queen Dryer Won't Start

Is your clothes dryer not turning on all of a sudden? Chances are, one of these is the cause:

Incoming Power Issue

If there’s no sign of life in your dryer, check to make sure the power cord is securely plugged in and the cord isn’t damaged. If all looks well, check your circuit breaker as this is one of the most common causes of dead dryers.

Broken Start Switch

It’s not uncommon for the Start switch on a dryer to fail after much use. This can be a tricky problem to diagnose without experience though. We recommend scheduling Speed Queen repair with us to fix a defective dryer start switch.

Door Switch Failure

Dryers use a door switch to sense when the door is fully closed and latched. Only then will your dryer turn on as a safety measure. A bad door switch will prevent use and requires professional service.

Thermal Fuse Failure

Clothes dryers use a thermal fuse as a safety measure to prevent fires. If your dryer overheats, the fuse will blow and the dryer won’t start. Blown fuses also require an appliance technician.